vague (explore)

vague (explore)

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Bring vague is almost as fun as doing this other thing.

I so want that shirt…




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This book is a tale of NCLB from the people who originally wanted to leave no child behind. As part of the process of making schools “better” we now have excessive testing and its counter-productive, making school worse.

Check out the review here from the Christian Science Monitor

From the Los Angeles Times, this story describes something I’ve sort-of known for years – sunlight, or lack of light, can mess with your circadian rhythms.

So here I am at it again.

There are so many online services and communities to choose from and what I’d like is one organized suite of apps that work together. So I’ve got Facebook up and running nicely and to that I’m going to add LinkedIn for professional contacts and Twitter because some people like that sort of thing. I also have Shelfari for my reading list and Steepster because tea is just that important — check out my blogroll when you have a moment and I hope this is all organized enough and stays that way… we’ll know in about a month, I think.